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Latest Quote - Hi - The PRC 6 has arrived safe and sound, Iíve put it together and am merrily cleaning away. The results are simply outstanding, I never thought Iíd be enjoying listening to records as much but the PRC 6 has given me what is virtually a new record collection.

I have over 6000 records, some are extremely rare and valuable, but after a couple of trial runs (thank you Herb Alpert) I cleaned a rare King label album from 1958 called After Dark and a friend, who was a little skeptical about my enthusiasm for the PRC 6, sat there open mouthed and silent through an entire side, he then proceeded to listen to cleaned records for the next 3 hours. We did before and after listens and the improvement after cleaning is breathtaking. So a huge thanks from a grateful customer to you and Peter and all at Loricraft for an easy and efficient transaction and for making such an incredible piece of equipment, I will have no hesitation in recommending Loricraft to others which Iím sure will result in some more Australian customers - Regards JS

You can read more feedback from new owners of the Loricraft Professional Cleaning machines by clicking here.

Our Professional Record Cleaners are in great demand and are available at three/four weeks notice.

The machine range includes PRC3 Mk4, PRC4 Mk2, the PRC4 Deluxe, PRC6, and the new model, PRC3 Mk2 Deluxe. Please refer to our Internet shop for an idea of current prices and special offers. If any item is not listed please contact us directly

The cleaning time for all machines is approximately 1 minute per side.

Loricraft Cleaning Machines.

This has been superceded by the PRC6

PRC3 Mk 4
The PRC 3 Mk 4 performs as well as our original PRC 1 of 15 years ago. That machine would cost at least double the PRC 3 price if made now. Finish and performance are simplified whilst keeping faithful to the PRC design . A special custom made pump unique to Loricraft made this possible .The original model PRC3 was set at 13 litres per minute. The latest model is 16.5 litres per minute, which is very close to the optimum figure.

PRC Mk 4 Deluxe - This is a new model.
It has a real wood veneered box and hand made acrylic cover/ high grade hinges. The box is veneered both inside and out. As with the highest grade speakers boxes, this makes a big difference to sound deadening. In addition, the PRC 3 Mk 4 Deluxe has extra sound absorbing material and suspension material to suppress the pump noise. This model truly out performs our original PRC 1. The standard finish is Maple.

It has 70% greater suction power compared to PRC3 and PRC3 Deluxe. The search for a pump of this specification at this price took many years . Do not confuse these pumps with the ones used in vacuum cleaner based machines. These are laboratory standard scientific pumps which are quite and efficient. The PRC 4 is supplied in real wood veneer without cover. Set at 28 litres per minute flow for the pump ensuring even very dirty or warped records will be cleaned efficiently.

PRC4 Deluxe
This is PRC4 asupplied with an acrylic cover.

PRC 5.
This is a special order machine which can clean up to 20 inch (508mm) discs. A typical example would be the Bing Crosby Radio Show of the 1940's. Loricraft supplied a machine to clean these discs for transcription to CD. These transcriptions won the Ceda awards for Masterpiece of London.

The PRC 6 has the largest pump with the lowest noise level which we can accommodate in a box which is slightly taller than that used for the other models.

The forward/reverse facility aids the cleaning process, which particularly helps the PRC3. Please note this information only covers the 230 volt an models.

The PRC3 is in matt black industrial finish. The PRC3 de Luxe, PRC4 and the PRC6 have real wood veneer.

All machines use very high quality materials to ensure long life. If you want the best - Buy A Loricraft

L'Art du Son L'Art du Son is a new and revolutionary record cleaning solution developed after years of research by founder and analogue devotee Martina Schoener.

The cleaning fluid is sold as a concentrate which makes 5 liters of cleaning fluid when diluted with ordinary distilled water. We recommend making it up in small quantities as required, and storage in the dark. It contains no alcohol, and uses environmentally friendly ingredients. It produces a dramatic increase in playback clarity and resolution. Here is a review of L'Art du Son, published in Positive Feedback magazine. The other benefit is that it is virtually odourless and so can be used indoors with no problem.

The L'Art du Son concentrate costs £32.20 inc VAT per bottle which works out at about £5:50 per litre of working strength liquid. It can be ordered directly from Terry - see below.

Here is a recent review of L'art du Son in a bath type cleaner (Knosti) by David Allcock.

Our internet shop site can take direct orders for L'Art du Son cleaning liquid and our Loricraft professional record cleaners.

The Development of the Current Models

The original machine of this type was designed by Percy Wilson, the Technical Editor of Gramaphone magazine. His presentation to the Audio Engineering Society on 13th October 1964, "Record Contamination: Causes and Cure", outlines the design of a machine. A year and a day later in 1965 the machine "The Record Doctor" was shown to the AES in New York. "The Disk Cleaner" was very similar in style to a professional cutting lathe. It is anybody's guess how much it would have cost to produce but it's reasonable to assume £20,000 would be a minimum if made today. Percy also set down the rules of pickup arm design and alignment in the 1920's, the same ones we use today!

Our original interpretation of this principle, called the Loricraft PRC, professional record cleaning machine, was produced in about 1990. It was based it on recycled Lenco 75 motor units which were plentiful at the4 time and of superb build quality. The supply of Lencos eventually dried up forcing us to design our own motor unit (1998)

The PRC2, as it became known, was famous for having a separate small box containing the pump which we affectionately called the dog kennel as it looked just like one. It is considered by a large number of users to be the "state of the art machine". The pump box can be situated in a cupboard making it very quiet. The PRC2 can clean 16 inch diameter 78 rpm discs and one was used to prepare Bing Crosby recordings for their award winning transfer to CD using one of our 401 machines.

The PRC3 was the combination of the new drive system plus a custom designed pump allowing a single box construction. The machine looks essentially as it always has, however 90% of all the parts including the box are now CNC produced. Assembly is still done by hand and all machines are fully tested just like the original machine. The picture above shows one being tested in the workshop before shipping to the USA. Some reviews of the Record Cleaners are listed at the bottom of this page.

Although the PCR3 machine looks essentially the same as ever, a process of continuous quality improvement has resulted in many small technical improvements which have been introduced since its introduction in 1990:

  • 1. A new drive system using very high torque motor .
  • 2. Three row needle roller bearing centre shaft making for use of the motor torque. This design is completely different to normal turntable bearings to allow long life whilst experiencing considerable force.
  • 3. Custom made motor gear box system to drive the cleaning arm.
  • 4. Custom made pump system offered in 3 different types, 230 volts, USA 115 volts, Japan 100 volts, 50/60 Hz. (Japan version switchable for 50/60 Hz.)
  • 5. Enclosed bearings (4 off) on cleaning arm. These are of the highest grade allowing freedom of movement whilst being considerably more durable than typical pick-up arm types. They also avoid contamination by liquids.

These improvements have been carried over into the PRC2 and PRC4 models, where applicable.

The PCR2 design was prefered where the cleaning and quietness demands are highest. It has since been superceded by the PRC6. The PRC3 is our biggest seller and delivers proven, excellent cleaning to our discerning customers. The PRC4 was originally designed to meet the needs of customers who were aware of the original PRC2, and valued the effect of a more powerful pump and additional cleaning options. It is increasingly in demand on its own merits.

The cleaning procedure could not be easier. The disc to be cleaned is placed on the turntable, which is then set in motion. The proprietory fluid is spread on the disc in a thin layer using our special brush, and the vacuum arm tracks across the record to remove both fluid, dissolved and suspended solids and dirt from deep within the groove.

We have sold hundreds of the PRC3s over the last few years, but increasing numbers of the PRC4s are now being sold. The PRC2 can be still supplied if required.

The Loricraft Professional Record Cleaners

There is a tutorial on the Smart Devices site

Here is a 10 second recording of the sound of the cleaner in operation (260KB wav file). It is a bit like a noisy fridge. You can compare it to the hiss produced by the suction arm which removes the solvent, and the dog barking outside the workshop. Click here to download it. This is a medium large file and may take a couple of minutes to download. Once downloaded you can rerun it as often as required.

If you prefer, you can download the files to your hard disc by right clicking on "here" and choosing "Save target as ..." . They are then available whenever you want them.

Contact Page - To contact Terry or Martina about any of this equipment, please click on the following link to reach the Contact Page.

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