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Before contacting Terry or Martina, please read the following.

  • We have no link to "Garrard - The Crown Jewelers", Garrard Clocks, or the other products which are being marketed under the Garrard brand name such as speakers, CD players, and washing machines.
  • If your question is about a pickup cartridge or stylus/needle, belts for a Garrard or other brand turntable all the information we have is in our links list. Click here
  • If your question is about the history of a particular Garrard turntable, autochanger all we know is on the history page, or on the links page.
  • If you are looking for a manual or drawing for any Garrard turntable/autochanger check the links page.
  • If you want to know the value of any turntables you should consult eBay or an auction room to find the current prices which are being paid.
  • We now do not sell spares or replacement parts for Garrard turntables as they are difficult to source and we need them for our own rebuilding and repair work.

  • Only questions relating to the sale/repair/purchase of Garrard 301s and 401s and other Loricraft Audio and Garrard501 power supplies and turntable accessory products should be sent to Terry and Martina. Questions on other subjects such as those above may go unanswered.

  • Our internet shop site can take direct orders for Loricraft professional record cleaners, rebuilt 301/401 turntables and plinths, Missing Link phono stages, stabilised power supplies, turntable accessories, L'Art du Son cleaning liquid plus occasional ex demo equipment..
The Piggery, our workshop

We have moved into a new central location, so visits and contacts are much easier now. Make an appointment and drop in and see us. More and more people are doing just that: to show Garrard 301s and 401s they want to sell to us, as well as to see and buy the turntables, cleaners and electronics we produce.

Email is the best way to contact us quickly.

Garrard and Loricraft Audio
Initial point of contact and the Internet Shop
Terry O'Sullivan -,

Loricraft Audio
The Piggery
Mile End Farm
Wantage Road
RG 17 8UE

Office Phone/Fax: +44 (0) 1488-72267

Germany and other Europeanan countries should contact
Loricraft Audio Europe,
Martina Schoener,
Escher Str. 225
D-50739 Köln
phone: +49 17661556790

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