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Quote - I just received my Loricraft PRC3 from SmartDevices yesterday.  My first record to be cleaned was a copy of Simon and Garfunkel's Bookends.  It was recommended that I use an inexpensive record, and that's about the most common record around.  After cleaning, I could hear every nuance of the recording.  I almost imagined the recording session perfectly due to the clarity of everything.  I am extremely happy with your product. Thank you for all of your help. Bill S - May 2009

Quote - This machine is awesome! :-D - James. He has a collection of records which suffered flood damage

Quote - The PRC 6 arrived safe and sound today. The set up was a piece of cake. What great looking machine. It works so much better than my old PRC 2 which has done a fine job over the past 10 years!! I can not believe how silent this machine is. This is indeed the King of all Record Cleaning Machines! .... I've been using the PRC6 for a day now and I am really impressed with the new machine. For the last 10 years i've been using what was then the Rolls Royce of cleaning machines the PRC2 (The original dog kennel upgrade of the PRC1). This new PRC6 machine takes cleaning machines to a new level and despite the fierce competition it is undisputeably the best machine on the market. With my old machine I think I must have cleaned over 30,000 records. Please use me as a reference and if you have any customers in this neck of the woods (Holland) that would like a demonstration they're more than welcome - - Jeroen.

Quote - After some initial experiments in using the machine, I cleaned until now about 15 records thoroughly with excellent results. It is abslutely clear that all my records will be cleaned by the PCR 4 before they will be played again. Background noise and clicks are almost completely removed by the cleaning process. The music sounds much cleaner and more detailled. Especially the attacks in the music are much sharper and more natural. I have been a sound engineer during the sixties with the Philips-Polygram studio in Holland. So I have quite some records that I recorded myself. After cleaning with the PRC 4 these recordings sounded far better than before. I almost brought me back in the studio again! Listening to this old material becomes a joy again.

It is also very interesting to watch the cleaning result by examining the waveform in an wave editor on the computer. After stretching the signals so that the individual tones become visible, and eventually magnifying the signal, it is obvious that the resulting signal is very pure and clean. The difference in quality before and after cleaning is possibly most evident by listening and watching the "silent grooves" between the titles on the LP: you can't deny the excellent result! - FN

Quote - Dear Terry, the PCR3 works brilliantly so far! thanks very much for your time this pm - It was great to visit the place it was actually made. Cheers - John

Quote - Hi Terry,I can't express my thanks to you and all the staff for a fantastic record cleaner. I would never have expected such a professional finish to my records. How I managed in the past I'll never know. Kindest regards David.

Quote - Good morning Terry. Well I have been doing some experiments, the before and after and I was truly amazed at the results! I have always been particular about handling records, especially as I was a mastering engineer for many years and took pride in the sound quality. However, when you obtain vinyl records from other sources (second hand or otherwise) invariably they have one minor problem or another, after using the PRC4 these were dramatically improved. What I also liked about the PRC4 is that after a clean and before playing you needn't have to worry about "static"! Kind regards, Phillip

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