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Terry O'Sullivan - May 1st 2018: we are delighted to announce that the widely renowned British turntable and tonearm manufacturer, SME Limited (based in Steyning, England), has acquired the rights to the Garrard audio brand from IGB Gradiente S.A. of Brazil.

Loricraft Audio has also been acquired by SME as the only Authorised Garrard Service Agent. As Managing Director of Loricraft, and together with my team, we will be using our many years of experience and expert knowledge to work closely alongside SME to develop the Garrard audio brand.

There will be further announcements regarding the development of Garrard in the near future.

For the time being, Loricraft Audio, now supported by SME, will continue offering its re-build and repair service for 301's and 401's, and along with the supply of our accessories and record cleaning machines from our facility in West Berkshire, England.

For more information see the SME website

Please contact Terry directly using the phone, email or mail to discuss all your equipment requirements, or visit our Internet Shop.

Please check out our Facebook page for up to date information


Loricraft have sold fully restored and upgraded 301 and 401 turntables to satisfied customers all over the world for over 30 years from our location close to the site of the original Garrard factory in Swindon, where we have had assistance from former Garrard engineers and management. Click here to see a recent rebuilt 401.

It also manufactures professional quality vinyl record cleaning equipment, the acclaimed, new, Garrard501 reference turntable, high end amplification and mains control equipment plus .

There may be trouble ahead,
but while there's Garrard and vinyl
and love and romance,
let's play some music and dance.

- with apologies to Irving Berlin.

You can buy all our products directly from us or through your local dealer. We sell and ship world wide, directly or through our local dealers. For information on international prices and delivery, and any of our turntable products, contact Terry using the phone, email or mail.. We can take your payment by bank transfer, credit card or cheque. The Loricraft Internet Shop site can take direct orders for our turntables, professional record cleaners, stabilised power supplies, phone stages, accessories, turntable mats, and L'Art du Son cleaning liquid.

Please be aware that some plinths which have been sold on eBay as Loricraft plinths were not produced by us and do not carry any warranty from us. We are taking steps to prevent unauthorised use of our designs, Brand Names and Trade Marks on eBay and elsewhere. Many thanks to our loyal customers who are reporting these infractions to us when they see them.

Our range of Professional Record Cleaners are now in use in remastering studios, sound archives, record stores and the homes of hifi enthusiasts in over 20 countries.

Here is an independent video of a PRC, record cleaning machine, in operation produced by Dave Weber of Weber Audio.

Ex-demo models of our Record Cleaners, restored Garrard 301s and 401s are frequently sold through The Loricraft Shop site when they become available. They are snapped up quickly so check back frequently. When I last checked there was a Cleaner and a Garrard 401.

Please note - we cannot help with other Garrard turntables such as the Zero100, SP25, the Lab 80 ...., the many radiograms which included Garrard autochangers, and requests for spares, belts, needles and manuals - jewelry or clocks.. However if you click here you will find many other web sites which can help you. Anything we know is listed there

We are always interested in buying Garrard 301s and 401s for spares or our restoration servicing programme. Contact Terry if you have anything you want to dispose of - whatever the quality.

Latest News.

Here is some information about us and the other equipment which we produce to enhance your vinyl listening experience

Use this local search engine to help you find information we have not covered above, like sources for needles and parts for other models.

Loricraft Audio, was set up by Terry O'Sullivan, and is located in Lambourn, close to the site of the original Garrard factory in Swindon, UK. This has allowed us to have regular contact with some of their former employees and senior engineers over the past 20 years, giving us a unique insight into the design philosophy behind their world renowned idler wheel turntables. We are a very small group of dedicated engineers. Be patient if we sometimes take time answering emails. Work on the equipment comes first and emails have to be answered during breaks and after dinner each evening.

To cut down on some emails, we have put together a list of frequently asked questions, FAQ, about the Garrard 301, and 401. If you need belts, cartridges or needles/stylii please try the companies on our links page.

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Buying direct from Loricraft - Customers often want to talk to Terry about the machines before buying. Once you have confirmed what you want we can accept payment for our cleaning machines and turntables etc. by credit card and cheques. The Loricraft Shop site can take direct orders for accessories, L'Art du Son cleaning liquid and our professional record cleaners. This is where we will sell ex-demo products as they become available.

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Garrard 501, 401, 301 - Following discussions with Gradiente of Brazil, the owners of the Garrard company, Loricraft Audio now have sole rights to the Garrard name and trademarks. We are now recognised as the leading company for the servicing and restoration of the classic Garrard 301 and 401 turntables. Recently we have come across 301s and 401s which were sent to us after being bought on the Internet as restored which were at best cleaned up. Check out what we mean by restoration. Some customers send us their precious turntables and then make an excuse to visit the UK to meet Terry and pick them up. Here is one from Luxembourg who stayed overnight in the village pub.

"I got the 301 home and set it all up, right next to the Luxman and the B&Ws. Beautiful. Thanks again for a splendid job, and thanks again to the folks at The George for an excellent night's accommodation." (AE)

We are always interested in purchasing 301s and 401s of any quality for use as spares or for restoration.

Our solid plinths, produced by local cabinet makers, are ordered individually for each purchase, with mounting boards cut to suit the turntable model and arm required. The wood colour/type and mounting board finish are chosen to meet the purchaser's requirements. We are currently matching some Rolls Royce colours.

It was fitting that on the eightieth anniversary of the founding of Garrard, Loricraft Audio launched the new acclaimed Garrard 501 - the first new high end Garrard turntable in 25 years. The reaction to the new design has been very enthusiastic. We only build to order, but we have just finished new batch of these fantastic hand built turntables. Most have already been snapped up, and we are looking at a further production run.

AUDIO magazine in Germany have given us permission to show their great review of the Garrard501.

Here is the original article in German used with permission of and an unofficial English translation.

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Buying turntables on auction sites - Please take care when buying second hand 301s and 401s without the chance to see and hear them. You may be fortunate, but we have received several of them recently which have needed extensive work to get them to perform as they should, despite the high price paid for them. There seems to also be some confusion over the term servicing, and restoration/rebuilding. The hard part sometimes is to undo the "restoration" done by dealers who don't understand the history and engineering of these fine turntables. These turntables are very well built and robust and have survived the last 40 or 50 years in good condition when well looked after. Areas where care is needed include the mains voltage and cycles which may need adjustment and pulley replacement for the local electricity supply - it may also affect such things as the operation of the stroboscope on the turntable rim. Bearings, speed control, linkages and switches may be difficult to repair or replace if damaged. Paintwork can also be difficult to restore without specialist experience, especially if the intention is to do a full "back to original" restoration.

Why gamble in auctions when we can can provide fully serviced or rebuilt 301 and 401 turntables with warranty, complete with your choice of arms and plinths if required. Hear from some of our customers who have got them.

Some customers prefer to purchase units over the net and get them sent to us for a checkup and customising for the new voltage etc, before being delivered to them.

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Record Cleaning Machines - Our commitment to vinyl reproduction is shown by the development of the Loricraft range of Professional Record Cleaners. They are recognised as the best record cleaning machines and have been shipped to enthusiasts and businesses all over the world. We now have a range of models from the compact PRC3, the more powerfull PRC4, the top of the range PRC6 and the PRC5 which can clean records up to 20 ins in diameter. They are all based on the original Percy Wilson design developed and used at the BBC record library. Check out the movie and audio file of one in operation (large download!) and some feedback from our customers.

The range of cleaners has been extended as we have responded to customers' wishes for real wood vereer finishes, even more powerful and quieter vacuum pumps, and forward and reverse operation.

Martina Schoener has developed a water based cleaning system, L'Art du Son, which, like the other equipment on the site, can be bought direct from Terry.

Here is a recent review of L'art du Son in a bath type cleaner (Knosti) by David Allcock.

Have you "Loricleaned" your records yet?

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Accessories and Electronic Products - Loricraft accessories include our "Natural Fibre" record brush, Garrard turntable mats, strobes and damping rings.

The Loricraft PSU stabilized power supplies, developed for the 501, are now available for all Garrard and other fine turntables and audiophile equipment with a range of power outputs to suit all needs. They are currently being redeveloped and the new PSU Archivist Power supply for the Garrard 301/401 is probably the best update you could do. We now also have a simpler version, the PSU 401 AR at about half the price of the Archivist, which will suit Garrard users who don't need to use all of its speed controls.

The Missing Link phonostage is available in a range of dedicated or switchable versions for MM or MC cartridges.

We are taking orders for another batch of original 301 Garrard mats, and the 501 cork/composite mats. They fit most turntables. Check with Terry for details of any of these items.

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History of Garrard - We have been putting together some of the history of the Garrard Company and its products. Let us know what you think about what we have acheived so far, and please pass on amy other information you think we could include. Click here to see the history of the Garrard Company

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Needles, belts and Zero100, SP25, and the Lab 80 etc - We only handle the Garrard 301 and 401 models and don't carry any spares/needles/manuals for these or the many other models and variants as they are hard to find or remanufacture. Please click here to see links to other web sites which supply needles/manuals etc. for other Garrard models like the Zero100, SP25, and the Lab 80. Please let us know if you are aware of other sites we should include.

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Links - Some of our favourite internet audio and vinyl/audiophile web sites are gathered together on our links page. It includes web sites where you can get needles, belts, manuals and spares for the Garrard models we do not cover. These sites can be very helpfull. Please check there before contacting us.

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Frequently Asked Questions - To cut down on some emails, we have put together a list of frequently asked questions, FAQ, about the Garrard 301, 401, and 501. If you need spares, knobs, belts, cartridges or needles/stylii please try the companies on our links page.

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Contact Page - To contact Terry or Martina, please click on the following link to reach the Contact Page.


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